End of Tenancy Cleaning Battersea

End of tenancy cleaningEspecially for the requirements and needs of our customers from Battersea, we have designed specialised end of tenancy cleaning services. Our cleaning sessions are delivered by experienced local cleaners that specialize in this type of cleaning. We have prepared ourselves with super advanced cleaning products and tools for which you will not be overcharged a penny more. Our hard-working housekeepers possess the necessary skills and knowledge to provide you with the outcome you wish for. We know that tenants hope to collect their security deposits in full. This is why we want to help you! To put your mind at ease, our cleaners are background-checked and with clear criminal records.

No matter whether you are on a quest of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service for your moving out or you want to prepare a cosy environment for future tenants, we can help. Feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are operating in the entire area of Battersea and are available every day of the week.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in BatterseaPrices
Studio flat£99
One Bedroom Property£165
Two Bedroom Property£189
Three Bedroom Property£220

In fact, receiving your safety deposit at the end of your tenancy may not be as easy as you thought it would be. Landlords expect certain standards to be covered when it comes to cleanliness. If you do not have confidence in your skills or simply want to provide yourself with more free time for the urgent matters, act wise and benefit from our one-of-a-kind end of tenancy cleaning services, available in Battersea. We have had the chance to collaborate with many landlords and we can assure you that we know what their requirements are.

Why Choose Our Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

In the competitive rental market, the quality of end of tenancy cleaning in Battersea can be the defining factor that catches the eye of prospective tenants. As a professional cleaning company that focuses on expertise and dedication, we promise to transform every inch of your rental space into an impressive, immaculate clean place which ensures the return of your initial deposit. Here’s why partnering with us for move out cleaning is the best choice:

  1. Unrivalled Expertise: All employees working at Cleaner Battersea are not just experts. They are experienced professional local cleaners that specialize in the type of cleaning they perform. They will do their best to provide you with a perfect cleaning solution suited to your needs. What is more, all of them are licensed, vetted and thorough background checks have been done prior to their employment.
  2. In-depth Cleaning Strategy: To make sure that no tasks have been overlooked during the cleaning service, we provide our cleaning specialists with detailed tasklists including everything you chose to receive as part of the service. They strictly follow them and ensure that everything has been taken care of.
  3. Sustainable Cleaning Approaches: The quality of our cleaning services is not our only priority. The cleaning solutions we use are non-toxic, biodegradable and do not contain any harmful chemicals that may harm you or your loved ones. For us, you wellbeing is as important as the good quality of our cleaning services.

We have been specialising in the end of tenancy cleaning for many years now. Throughout all these years, we have never stopped improving our cleaning techniques and ourselves. Today we are ready to offer you super powerful cleaning solutions which will ensure that you will collect your security deposit. With us, you are guaranteed to receive individual attention and a competent approach. Let us assist you whenever you need us. We are available all week round and what is even more important- you will not be overcharged for a weekend appointment. Hurry up and share your requirements with us. We would gladly take them into account. You can rely on us no matter where your property in Battersea is located.

Our professional cleaning company in Battersea delivers quality and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services to bothtenants and landlords. When you decide to accommodate in a new residential house, office or moving out of a property, we will do our best to suit your cleaning needs.

We ensure that all requirements of our clients are fulfilled. We do our best to complete the end of tenancy cleaning service as soon as possible. However, this is a time-consuming task that depends on the size and condition of the property that must be cleaned.

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    We have a reputation of providing top quality end of tenancy cleaning to various estate agents, major lettings and even property management companies. Our company consist of individuals who have undergone intensive cleaning training prior to their hiring at our agency.

    We also powerful cleaning detergents, equipment and cleaning machines. They are produced by Prochem – the leading manufacturer of professional cleaning materials.

    Our End of Tenancy Cleaning List Covers


    We clean all kitchen appliances including cupboards and drawers. We also sanitize, scrub, and polish all kitchen surfaces; mop the floors; clean the fridge and freezer, clean the microwave from inside and outside. Countertops and tile surfaces will be scrubbed and cleaned appropriately. Here is more information about the cleaning of this area:

    • Appliance Cleaning: We perform a deep cleansing of all equipment such as ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators, attempting to remove accumulated filth from hidden places and giving them a spotless appearance.
    • Counter and Surface Sterilisation: As part of our commitment to fostering a sanitary cooking area, we disinfect every countertop and surface, creating an immaculate surface.
    • Sink Scrubbing: Our targeted de-scaling techniques will breathe new life into your sinks, preventing bacteria growth and restoring their shine.

    Living areas

    We vacuum and mop the floors. If there are carpets, we hoover them properly. We wipe down and polish of all windows from inside, clean mirrors, fixtures, framework, sills and doors.

    • Floor Cleaning: Whether the floor is carpeted or hardwood, we facilitate a thorough cleaning of surfaces to remove filth and stains, restoring an immaculate and refreshed surface.
    • Wall and Ceiling Deep cleaning: Using a meticulous cleaning method, we remove cobwebs and accumulated dust from walls and ceilings, resulting in a clean, spotless appearance.
    • Window Polishing: Meticulous cleaning of all windows windows down to the sills and frames, allowing the sun’s rays to pass through.


    We scrub and sanitize the floors and deep clean sinks, tiles, toilets, showers and other fixtures. Our end of tenancy clean will make your bathroom and toilet sparkling clean.

    • Fixture cleaning: We scrub and disinfect the bathroom areas with attention to detail, including thorough cleaning of toilets, bathtubs and basins, resulting in disinfected surfaces.
    • Tile and Grout Restoration: Performing a thorough eradication procedure to remove mildew and mould from tiles and grouts, restoring them to their former glory.
    • Deposit removal: We use special cleaning products to remove deposits from all surfaces in the bathroom. That includes soap scum, mould, limescale and others.


    Our end of tenancy cleaners will mop or vacuum clean the floors. They also clean mirrors, cupboards, wardrobes, fixtures, ledges, sills and all the frameworks. All these are scrubbed, sanitized and polished if need be.

    • Dust removal: All high surfaces, walls, ceilings and furniture will be wiped down and dusted. No cobwebs will be left behind.
    • Mattress cleaning: The mattress of you bed will be vacuum cleaned and all stains will be removed. The bed will be made.

    Additional Services We Offer

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    You may combine our move out cleaning with professional upholstery and sofa cleaning. Our team is able to take your order seven days a week.

    Deep Cleaning of Carpet and Upholstery

    Schedule a carpet/upholstery deep cleaning to enhance the end of tenancy cleaning service you booked. We offer steam and dry cleaning, both of which are extremely efficient and result in immaculate fabric that is bright, clean and disinfected.

    Extensive Mattress Sanitation

    Mattress cleaning added to your end of tenancy service will ensure that all dust and grime have been eliminated from the surface. The powerful cleaning method we utilise will eliminate bacteria and ensure that the mattress is thoroughly cleaned even beneath the surface.

    Questions you might have about our local cleaning services:

    Why is End of Tenancy Cleaning Necessary?

    End of Tenancy Cleaning is required to guarantee that the rental property is clean and ready for the next renter. It is also essential that tenants receive their whole security deposit back. Landlords frequently make it a requirement of the leasing agreement.

    Who is Responsible for End of Tenancy Cleaning – Tenant or Landlord?

    In most cases, renters are responsible for end-of-tenancy cleaning. However, depending on the leasing agreement, the particular obligations may differ. Cleaning services may be included in the lease by certain landlords, while others demand renters to organise and pay for it themselves.

    What Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Include?

    End of Tenancy Cleaning often includes thoroughly dusting, vacuuming and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and removing any stains or blemishes on walls and other surfaces. It is a deep, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire property.

    How Far in Advance Should I Book End of Tenancy Cleaning?

    Schedule an end-of-tenancy cleaning as soon as you know your moving-out date. Scheduling ahead of time guarantees that you may get a cleaning service at a convenient time and avoids last-minute stress.

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