After Builders Cleaning Battersea

Having builders at home usually comes with a great deal of dirt and dust. We are a professional cleaning company in Battersea and we offer after-builders cleaning in Battersea for all our future customers out there who would rather have their property cleaned by real professional cleaners with honorary degrees. We will handle the cleaning and rubbish disposal for you and achieve the level of cleanliness you wish to see. The thorough cleaning, however, is only possible with our After-builders service!
You can count on us to remove just about any dirt and dust particles in your property. We are equipped with specialized cleaning equipment which will help our technicians reach places, you normally wouldn’t, and clean them thoroughly! We will look into every single detail and make sure it receives the appropriate care and attention.

Only after you have had the place cleaned to perfection will you enjoy the feeling of having something new build or renovated in your home. Cleaning the place after having builders in it is always challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Call and schedule with our amazing service, in Battersea, so that you can enjoy your new installments to the fullest.

Dirt and dust of various types can end up on your carpets, furniture, bedding and plenty of other areas that are hard to properly clean. Our cleaners are specially equipped with the right, proper cleaning materials and tools for the job. They will remove the existing dirt and dust and refresh the area until it becomes immaculately clean.
Upon request you can have a selected item (carpet, rug, piece of furniture) deep-cleaned and freed of the dirt and stains that might be inflicted from the building process. With our local cleaners performing the after-builders cleaning chore you can rest assured that your property is being taken care of by certified professional cleaners in Battersea.

Renovation is an inevitable process, meaningless if you are about to renovate your office, house or flat – it must be done. However, office, house and flat renovation is a bit more complex as it involves a lot of work which leaves a lot of debris and dust which is hard to clean. You can’t use your refurbished property unless all this is cleaned, but nowadays people have to worry about a lot of other things and cleaning doesn’t have high priority.

We are Cleaners Battersea and can offer you professional after builders cleaning in Battersea, SW11 London at the most competitive rates. Finding quality cleaning services isn’t so easy, especially if you are living in a large city. There are many agencies that offer cleaning services in London, but only few of them can be trusted.

After Builders Cleaning in BatterseaPrices
Studio flat£130
One Bedroom Property£150
Two Bedroom Property£170
Three Bedroom Property£260

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    However, Cleaners Battersea is one of the best cleaning agencies located in South West London. We have years of experience and offer top quality after builders cleaning packages. The service is carried out by our experienced and well trained team of cleaners. We supply our workers with top-of-the-shelf products and equipment so we are sure that they will be able to clean everything.

    The after builders cleaning package involves:

    • Washing the walls
    • Vacuuming and mopping all floors
    • Dusting surfaces and furniture
    • Cleaning and polishing windows
    • Wiping down door and window frames
    • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
    • Disinfecting sockets, light switches, skirting boards, light fixtures, etc.
    • Clean wardrobes and cupboards
    • Cleaning kitchen appliances on the inside and out

    Don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a time & date for our team to come. We have very flexible working hours and can fit in the busiest schedules.

    Houses and flats need to be renovated over a couple of years and this renovation involves a lot of arrangements which take a lot of time and need to be carefully calculated. The final step is to clean up the place after the reconstruction has been done, so don’t hesitate to call our cleaning agency if you want this job to be done professionally and quickly. Our team can clean all kinds of properties in a matter of hours and we guarantee that the place will be spotless clean when we’re done.

    Services We Offer

    Spring Cleaning Battersea
    Oven Cleaning Battersea
    Office Cleaning Battersea
    Hard Floor Cleaning Battersea
    Mattress Cleaning Battersea
    One Off Cleaning Battersea
    Deep Cleaning Battersea
    Upholstery Cleaning Battersea
    House Cleaning Battersea
    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Battersea
    Domestic Cleaning Battersea
    Carpet Cleaning Battersea

    Dust and debris left behind by construction workers can prevent you from enjoying your brand-new refurbished home. Do not worry, we are a professional cleaning company in Battersea, SW11 and offer high quality after builders cleaning services. You can receive fantastic results delivered by our experienced local cleaners. We ensure that your property will be disinfected, cleaned and ready for your arrival. Contact us and welcome one of our cleaning teams at your newly refurbished home.

    What Makes Our After Builders Cleaning Service a Class Apart?

    We take on a meticulous approach with every cleaning service we deliver. Our professionals follow a detailed task list and make sure that no signs of dust and grime have been left behind even in the most hard-to-reach areas. Every corner of you house will be polished and disinfected. Here is what to expect by the after builders cleaning service in Battersea, offered by us:

    • Surface Radiance: Notice a significant difference in the appearance of your surfaces – we will ensure that they are left spotless.
    • Appliance Revival: Your kitchen appliances will be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside. We will also tackle your cupboards and drawers.
    • Window Wonderland: We will remove stains and streaks from your windows, revealing crystal clean panes. You will enter spaces submerged in bright light.
    • Flawless Floors: Whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, we will carefully vacuum, sweep and mop them. No dust and stains will be left behind.
    • Upholstery Deep Clean: Our upholstery cleaning service will leave your upholstered furniture bright, clean and fresh.

    A Spectrum of Add-on Services for a Complete House Clean

    To boost up the original cleaning service you booked with us, add more tasks. These will help achieve the immaculate results you would like to receive. Here are your options:

    • Food Storage Sanctity: Our professional cleaning company in Battersea offers deep cleaning for your refrigerator, freezer and other food storage areas.
    • Carpet Rejuvenation: We will remove stains and dust from the surface of your carpets leaving them spotless and disinfected.
    • Outdoor Areas: The outside of your property – deck, patio, balcony or driveway can become as immaculate as the inside of the house.
    • Upholstery Delight: All upholstery pieces will be thoroughly cleaned and freed of dust and stains. Our local cleaners will deep clean the fabric accordingly.

    Why Entrust Us with Your Post-Construction Cleanup?

    Our experienced team delivers not just cleaning services, but also the promise of transformation. We imagine an estate that reflects beauty and tranquilly and ensure cleanliness adapted to your needs. Armed with an arsenal of cutting-edge equipment and procedures, our local cleaners will make sure that everything has been taken care of.

    Reach Out for an Immaculate Results

    Do not hesitate to contact our professional cleaning company in Battersea whenever you are struggling with the post renovation dirt. We guarantee to be your partners and deliver a service, perfectly suited to your needs. You can trust us, our years of experience in the industry help us understand our customers. This is why we have a unique approach with everyone, making sure that we help people achieve the quality of life they deserve.

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